Michael Donnella Photography | About

Michael Donnella, a native of Chicago, longtime resident of the Philadelphia area, and current resident of El Dorado, Arkansas, has enjoyed photography since being allowed to use his mother's Kodak Brownie Bullet camera as a child. He has learned from his mistakes (and those of others), and he has learned a lot. He enjoys music, sports, people and nature photography, and is proud to be part of a curiously long list of photographers who are also lawyers.

In his photography, Michael seeks to capture emotion—including that of the quiet sort. While in pursuit of his own aesthetic, he maintains the pragmatic approach, which is to say that there are two rewards from his clients. One is the look of satisfaction with the declaration that: "Yes, you got the shot". The other is the reaction, with a smile, that: "This is not what I expected".

He owes much to his mentor, Bill Burkhart, and the Wesleyan University Art Studio, and to the great musicians—particularly those in the Philadelphia area--kind enough to let him see, photograph and present the inside and outside of their world, from which so many derive so much pleasure.


Portrait of Mr. Millard "Pete" Vinson - 2015 Jazz Bridge calendar.

"Springtime Hats" - England's Henley Royal Regatta, Main Line's Devon Horse Show, U.S. college graduations - June 4 - July 8, 2011 at Christopher's, 108 North Wayne Ave, Wayne, PA 19087.

"Music In Motion" – Walt Whitman Arts Center, 101 Cooper St., Camden, NJ 08102.


Portrait of Ms. Lynn Riley - 2011 Jazz Bridge calendar.

"Catching Someone Doing Something Right" - music, dance, and nature images February - May, 2010 at Christopher's, 108 North Wayne Ave, Wayne, PA 19087.